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MSP (Pure Monosodium Phosphate) (4 oz jar)

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Size: 4 oz. glass jar

100% Vegan

Improves Dental and Overall Health!

Helps Rebuild Tooth Enamel! - That's Right! you CAN regrow tooth enamel!

100% Pure Monosodium Phosphate with No Additives!

Made in the USA

Monosodium phosphate anhydrous (food grade)


MSP (Pure Monosodium Phosphate) (4 oz. glass jar):
According to Dr. Gerard F. Judd, phosphate is one major missing nutrient from the diet that contributes to tooth decay. Tooth enamel (essentially calcium phosphate) reacts with all acids to form cavities (see any chemistry text dealing with solubilities). The proton of the acid pulls the phosphate right out of the enamel, and fast. Daily supplementation of MSP as well as calcium will improve dental and overall health. Phosphate is necessary in building all of our connective tissue.

Suggested Use:

Per Dr. Judd’s recommendations, dissolve 1 gram in a glass with 1 inch of water per 165 lbs. of body weight. Drink daily. At this amount, there are approximately 113 doses per 4 oz jar, which, if taken daily, will last almost 4 months.

This product is best when used as part of the Natural Dental Care System.
We HIGHLY recommend following the Natural Dental Care System to improve and maintain the healthy appearance of your teeth your whole life! It is SO important to us that you have healthy teeth, we offer everything you need to get started. Along with your MSP Tooth Re-enamalizer, we suggest using Eco-dent Floss, Liquid Tooth Soap (available in 14 flavors), Tooth Swish (available in 4 flavors), Tooth Brightener, and Breath Sweetener.

These products are a good beginning to proper dental care. To find out the complete Natural Dental Care System that will keep your teeth in beautiful form, we recommend that you read the book "The Perfect Prescription for Your Teeth", sold in our Books section!

 ** These statements have not been evaluated by the F.D.A. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your health professional before taking any health supplements.

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